Suggestions on how to Change your Current Feng Shui Natal House Chart to the Current Period

The next Period 2024 is just around the corner…

Flying Star Feng Shui covers 180 years cycles of 9 periods, each consisting of 20 years.

The date of construction and completion of a particular house determines the period where it belongs. Owners however can update the natal chart of their home when they feel that the qi has been drained (ie this is true for the very old homes where there have been a lot of changes in its external environment over time) or when they want to align it to the energy of the current period.

An example is if a house or apartment was built in 2004, it will carry the energy of period 8, so based on its floor plan and orientation, the house may not be able to fully tap into the  energy for period 9.

We always however have to consider how much renovations / remodeling should be done (or do we need any renovation at all?)  to improve the energy of a home.

Firstly, you must ensure that a change in the natal chart will indeed bring greater luck for the home and its residents.

An example is if you have a Period 7 house facing West 2 with the Main door facing West, then we have the Red Metal Star 7 (Broken soldier star of Eloquence but also a star of Robbery and Surgery) entering the Front door. If you have updated the home to a Period 8 facing the same direction West 2, the energy that will be entering the Front door will be the Wealth star 8.

However, if for example we decided to change the natal chart of a home that we did not know has the Parent String configuration, then we definitely threw away the good fortune which we have been enjoying ever since we moved into that home!

It is therefore very important that we know what we are doing, before we embark on these important changes to our home
Renovations on these 3 main Parts of the home can change it’s Natal chart to the current period:

· Main door
  Roof or ceiling

Main door

The main door is one of the most important, if not the most important, feng shui factor of a house.

· It is the one door that is used most often on the property
· It is the main entry point for energy into the home
· It is the first part of the house that visitors observe and make contact with
· Every member of the household uses it on a daily basis

Here are 9 important factors to keep in mind when choosing the Main door.

It is the Biggest Door in the house

The Main door should have a larger size than the doors to the rooms, the side and back doors, and all other doors in the home
(the garage door and the main gate are however excluded)
Ancient writings state that a big door would produce people of nobility in the household.

It is made of Solid material

Wood is almost always used by homeowners for the main door. This is because during ancient times, houses are mainly built with wood and bricks.
Times have greatly changed and there are now numerous ways to conceptualize and construct a home with more modern and varied designs and architecture.
Some homes that follow Feng Shui concepts follow the elemental barrier method when they have their Main Door located in an inauspicious sector ( i.e facing a sha qi or located where the yellow star 5 as a water star is for the period) They install a Metal front door to subdue the inauspicious energy.
Metal Doors are however not advised for the SE and East sectors (Metal cuts Wood)
Avoid glass doors and sliding doors.

The Main Door preferably Open inwards

Most Feng Shui practitioners advise that the doors should open inwards to welcome in the positive energy. A door that opens outwards pushes away the potential positive energies that will enter a home making it difficult to accumulate good health and wealth (even if members of the household have high income).

This is also a reason why the person entering the Front door should not be immediately greeted by the restroom (Toilet ) .
Check if the door hinges can be reversed if the Main door opens outwards.

Some homes lnstall door screens. The screen usually opens outwards while the main door opens inwards. If this is the case, make sure that the hinges of both the door and screen are on the same side.

Bright Halls

A Main door should have Bright Halls ( brightly lit flat space outside and inside as one enters. (others call the inside a 'Foyer') and the area size should be enough for the door to open fully inward. It is also better if the bright hall is lit by natural sunlight.

The Outside and Inside Bright Halls should be kept clean and "bright" and free of clutter.

The Door preferably should have a Roof or Canopy

There should be a roof at the door entrance for protection since the Main door is the most used portion of the house. The roof or canopy can act as a shield against any negative energy ( sha qi) directly pointed at it.
Apartment units fortunately usually have a covered area (the ceiling).
For landed houses, it is better to consider installing one if this was not part of the original built of the house.

 Double leaves ( 2 Panels that open)

A 2 Leaf door opening would make your Main Door grander in appearance and would make it largely different from the other doors In your home.
It is better for a 2-leafed door to have the same size on both panels. However, should you have one that has one side bigger than the other, then use the bigger side more frequently.

 If there are Stairs and Steps to door

A lot of homes have main doors that open to steps or stairs outside.

In such architecture, there must be a flat open space in front of the door before the first steps of the staircase begins.
The size measurement of this required space should be at least the length of the door squared.

For example if the door has a dimension with 33 inches in length, the flat floor space in front of the front door should be at least 33″ x 33″.

Placing a welcome mat is also a must outside the door.
If there is flat space in front, but too short, then consider using a double leaf door as mentioned.. This effectively shortens the door’s reach (when swung open) by half.This aspect is also very important especially if your Main door opens to an External Water feature ( swimming pool ) or natural water such as a Lake


Although Color has the least energy in traditional Feng Shui, some practitioners still consider it to create the ambiance of a particular element energy for the Main door.·

Wood – Green, light brown· Fire – Red, purple· Earth – Yellow, orange, dark brown· Metal – White, gold, silver· Water – Blue, black

When choosing colors for the main front door, be sure that it does not clash (elemental) with the colors of the wall.)

Lastly, Do not forget the door direction. Where your Front door faces is the most important aspect in Feng Shui. If for example you are having difficulty installing your door to face an auspicious direction, at least make sure that it does not face an unfavorable one.

The Roof or Ceiling

The Roof or the Ceiling of a house represents “heaven” and the Floor portends the “earth” in Feng Shui. The roof or ceiling above our head provide us safety and protection, hence it is significant in attracting good or bad energies.

To change the energy of the house to the current period, The roof is one of three aspects of the home that needs to be renovated (the other 2 are the Main door and the Flooring)

At least one third (1/3) of the roof have to be modified or replaced for single family homes and also at least (1/3) one third or (1/2) one half of the walls if your living space is an apartment building. Anything lesser will not make a significant change in the energy chart of the house.

Some conditions to consider for the Roof or Ceiling of a House:

1) Ideal ceiling height for most people is between 8 and 10 feet. The height of the ceiling must be proportionate to the size of your home.

2) Ceilings under 7 feet can make one have the feeling of tightness or compression whereas a ceiling over 15 feet may make one feel restless and small. Some Feng Shui practitioners also believe that the height of our ceilings can affect our subconscious mind which creates lower expectations in life if we live in a low ceiling dwellings.

3) Uneven, slanted or multiple leveled ceilings can affect our moods, some may experience anxiety. A Sloped ceiling can cause one to feel being constantly under pressure and feeling tired or drained of energy.

4) The Bedroom should particularly not have a sloped constructed ceiling since this would disrupt rest and sleep. If the slope in the ceiling is located by the head of the bed, this can cause insomnia, if it is near the stomach, it can cause digestive issues and if the slope is by the feet, this can hinder mobility.

5) Ceiling fans, chandeliers and mirrors are not advised in the bedroom since it can disrupt with the yin energy for rest and sleep.

6) Feelings of being unproductive, shoulder and back pains can be felt if your office table is located in a low or slanted type ceiling. Try to place a tall plant by the side of your table or have bright lighting if you cannot move your working space.

7) For the same reason, exposed beams in the ceiling should also be avoided.

8 ) Most Feng Shui practitioners also put emphasis on the color harmony of the ceiling, the walls and the floors.

One’s priority should be to avoid Clashes when selecting the color of the roof.

It should not clash with the following:
a) Shape of the roof
b) Color of the exterior walls of the house
c) Facing Direction of the house

Below is a sample chart to follow: 

Red Oak Wood
Marble Ceramic Tiles

The Flooring

Like the Roof, at least one third of your whole flooring should have a renovation, like replacing the old tiles or changing to hard wood. Make sure however, that replacing only 1/3 of your flooring will not compromise the whole aesthetic look of your home. 

Most Feng Shui practitioners prefer the use of wood flooring since it produces a more relaxing atmosphere to your home. Wood soaked with lots of oils would be more human -friendly.

Aside from being durable, hard Oak wood can be beneficial for one’s health (that is why oak barrels are used to age wine and whiskey even during the Greek and Roman times!) Oak can reduce fatigue and can help resolve anxiety and post-traumatic stress.

Heated Flooring is however discouraged. According to Feng Shui Principles, the natural source of heat is the sun, so the use of heated floors reverses this natural flow of energy.

The use of ceramic tiles and stone are also good as long as they create a clear, subdued and coherent pattern to produce harmony. A floor design that is continuous throughout the whole house gives the home a strong, supportive energy.

Neutral, earthy or natural colored matte finished flooring combined with a brightly lit ceiling will help enhance a person’s energy level.

Period 8 House Charts which are good and bad for Period 9

When changing a house chart to the coming period 9, aside from making changes or renovations from the parts of the house as mentioned above:

Roof or ceiling ~ stands for Heaven
Walls or Door or Floors ~Earth 
Residents of the home ~ Man

It should be after 100 days after the renovation,  that the residents should come to occupy the home.

Hereunder is a list of "Natal House Charts in Period 8" and how they will fare in Period 9
without any renovation

Rising Star or Great for Period 9
( Star 9 and the next strong Star 1 are the facing stars) 
Good for Period 9
Houses which will be troublesome in period 9
(Star 9 is a sitting star so it's energy will be difficult to utilize for wealth generation)
House of Adversity in Period 9
( Star 9 is trapped in the Center making it impossible to utilize it's energy. )
In Flying Star Feng Shui practice, ( yes there are more Feng Shui Methods that can be used! ) another way to make your house "compliant" to Period 9, is to align any door of the home  that connects to the outside environment (i.e balcony door, garage door or the main door) to the period 9 direction~ this is called "Xuan Kong Da gua" or "Tilting the door" 

A good Flying Star Feng Shui practitoner uses a Period 9 Loupan to tilt the door opening. 

Now, if tilting the house door is impossible or difficult to do, the easiest method to be able to access period 9 energy is " to tilt your work table. To do this, use  a period 9 Loupan to face to the period 9 or 1 direction on a favorable date." 
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