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Meet Don Tan from Singapore!

Don is a prolific lead in the practice of  Classical Feng Shui, Qimen Dun Ja, Bazi Destiny Analysis and the Chinese art of Date Selection ( Tong Shu ). An Interior Architect & Visualiser by profession, he is on a dedicated mission to help individuals & businesses globally to achieve their goals with the timely use and aid of Chinese Metaphysics!

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Website: Don Tan

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and here's Takako from Long Beach, California!

Takako  Shiojima is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a Yoga Practitioner who is a firm believer in the training of mind and body. Professionally trained in Medical Nutrition Therapy, Weight Loss and Weight management. She has a vast knowledge on micronutrients supplementation to achieve a healthier and youthful lifestyle!

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 Takako Shiojima RDN

Christina Young from Newport Beach, California

Christina is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who uses both Medical  and Integrative & Holistic Nutrition approaches for Health and Wellness! She  provides education and counseling on how to improve health through natural food and nutrition, and other adjunct therapies, and the appropriate use of supplements to achieve optimum health and wellness for the healthy,  and Healing for those who have debilitating illnesses on their way to recovery!

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ChristinaYoung RDN

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I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in Southern California and I have partnered with other Professionals in the field and science of Medical Nutrition Therapy, Integrative, Holistic and other adjunct therapies for health and wellness, and the use of Chinese Metaphysics, (Feng Shui Home analysis and assessment and Bazi Destiny Analysis) for a healthy and mindful living. 

Contact Person: Mona Lisa Collado

Visit my facebook  page  at  https://www.Balance Feng Shui and Nutrition

My Webpage at LisaCollado RDN

Medical Nutrition Therapy Counseling-

( starting at $175.00 per hour) 

Clients will have a choice from 2 plans:

a) $175.00 for 1 hour or
b) $400.00 for 4 encounters (1 hour for initial encounter & 3 more follow up encounters for 30 min each)

Medical nutrition therapy( known as MNT ) is a therapeutic approach to treating medical conditions and their associated symptoms via the use of a specifically tailored diet devised and monitored by a Medical Doctor Physician or a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

Our Services for MNT consultation will be more appropriate with a Medical Doctor's health or illness diagnosis. It includes assessment of the nutritional requirements of the client ( ~a laboratory test ( or basic metabolic panel may be needed to assess the nutrient deficiency of the client. Rationale of the diet modification, the foods allowed and to be avoided will be discussed and a personalized menu plan will be provided.

Integrative and Holistic Nutrition Counseling- 

($175.00 per hour)

Integrative Nutrition is a specialized approach in Wellness and Healing that uses natural whole foods and other adjunct therapies instead of the conventional medical treatment. It aims to remedy the entire or “whole” person (body, mind and soul) as opposed to curing isolated symptoms to achieve optimum health. Integrative Nutrition consultation is offered for the following clients:

a) Healthy individuals who seek a more natural and holistic way to health and nutrition
b) Clients who have long term debilitating illnesses and have consulted or are under the care of a Medical Doctor (MD) and or Medical Health care professional.

Integrative Nutrition therapy will serve only as an adjunct therapy to the Medical Nutrition Therapy prescribed by the MD.  

Feng Shui Assessment and House or Property Audit

($990.00 )

Feng shui (pronounced as “Fung Suy”) is a branch of ancient Chinese Metaphysics. It is a pseudoscience which uses energy forces in nature to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment; to be at the right spot of least resistance and enjoy nature’s energies to attain our goals! The term feng shui literally translates as "wind-water" in English.

Our services include assessment of the client's intentions, complete Feng Shui audit of the home (includes demarcation of the different sectors of the home or property, Flying stars assessment, instructions for placement of activations and cures, recommendations of adjustments to the home and a basic BAZI Feng Shui analysis of the main client in relation to the property.

This also includes a 2 months follow -up for adjustments for the Flying Stars and the results so far.

All consultations are done by remote.  Google Earth Locator may be used for international clients. .Additional charges may be added for house visits. 

Auspicious Date Selections ($150.00)

Feng Shui Date Selection plays an important role in our day to day life. Picking a good day to perform an activity is very important to help guarantee the smooth sailing, success and effectiveness of a plan or an undertaking. It uses The Tong Shu or Chinese Almanac, a definitive tool and guide that people have used to select the best dates for the significant events, and the effective use of the daily energies available to us for self improvement. 

Our service includes date selection for three (3) special dates requested by the client for their most important activities.

Personal BAZI Reading and Destiny Analysis


Known as The Four Pillars of Destiny Chart, BAZi ( pronounced as “Batza” ) is another branch of Chinese metaphysics which enables a person to know and understand his or her Natal Structure and Profile Strength. The Chart has 2 cycle characters ( Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branches) assigned to their birth year, month, day, and hour. This concept of Profile and Destiny reading is also used in Japan and Korea.

Our service includes Basic Destiny Analysis of the client's four pillars and the 10 year fortune cyles

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All consultations are done by Remote. Additional charges may be added for house visits. 

Initial Feng Shui Consultation ( $300.00)

Initial consultation includes assessment of the client's intent(s) for the consultation and a demarcation of the different sectors of the house or property. ( ~we may have to ask the client to provide some pertinent information regarding the internal directions of the home)

This service however, does NOT include house feng shui assessment and audit (flying stars, placement of activations and cures and others)

All consultations are done by Remote. Google Earth locator may used for international clients. Additional charges may be added for house visit. 

YOGA  TIME with Takako (starts at $15.00)

Schedule a consultation with our Registered Dietitian & Yoga Practitioner Takako Shiojima. For more information and to talk to Takako, visit her FB website at

All Exercise classes will be done by remote

Yoga Exercises packages start at: :

$15 per class

$68 for 5 times($13.6 per class)
$115 for 10 times ($11.5 per class)
$150 for 15 times ($10 per class)
$160 for 20 times ($8 per class)

1st time user special two weeks for $15

Monthly pass: $35


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