Introducing the Daymasters

     In Chinese Metaphysics, there is a concept which we

call The Cosmic Trinity composed of Heaven, Man and Earth, Heaven ( Heavenly Stem) is what is given to us when we were born which we have no control of, but which affects our destiny. This includes our parents and siblings, the date when we were born, the country where we reside, and our economic status at the time of our birth.

     Man encompasses the Freewill and Choices that we make, the activities that we choose to be involved in, including our choice of work, environment, and the company of people, friends and acquaintances that we choose to be with throughout our life. All these choices and actions that we undertake will affect the quality of life we will live.

     And Earth ( Earthly Branches) is the environment and external forces that affects our way of life and which helps mold our personality. These are both physical and invincible energies which in Chinese Metaphysics we know of as Feng Shui.

     Based on a person's date of birth, we are able to discern a person's destiny chart using some of these concepts of Chinese Metaphysics...

    We are all familiar with the different Zodiac animal signs (Earthly Branches), most especially for the Year that we were born, but did you know that each one of us has Four (4) animal signs based on the Four Pillars of our Birthdate, namely the hour, the day, the month and the year? To access your BAZI Destiny chart go to

     After accessing your chart, look for the box that reads Natal Chart and there you will see your four pillars of destiny. On the row that reads Earthly Branches, you will see your 4 animal signs ( each animal sign correlates to the diffferent aspects in our life ( you can read more about it here:

     For this article, we want to learn more of our Heavenly Stems, (Heaven) and one component of our Heavenly Stem is what we call in BAZI as the Daymaster. This corresponds to the Main (Master) Element at the Day of our birth.

What is a Daymaster?

"A Daymaster is the most important reference point for BaZi analysis. It denotes your basic nature and character. It represents WHO YOU ARE at the most fundamental level."

In BaZi the strength of the element plays a major part in determining your characteristics and destiny. Therefore apart from the Day Stem, the other three Stems ( year, month and hour) and the four Earthly Branches should also be taken into account to complete your chart. These parts are also responsible in deciding the strength of your Daymaster."

                                                            ~ Joey Yap

     So here are the 10 Daymasters and some of their basic characteristics...

Yang Wood "Jia " (甲)

The Direct Conversationalist.

The first of the Stems, Jia Wood are strong, at times formidable people who constantly seek growth, advancement and improvement. Often represented by tall, big trees with strong roots surging deep down the earth, they are a steady pillar of support and shelter to the people they get in connection with and could be very nurturing and benevolent

Like a tree that is steady in place and immovable, Jia people are persevering but speed is not their strength. They can carefully discern and analyze the big picture, then slowly form their course of action with clarity. With this, they often pursue and attain their goals and get what they want, hence they make good community and business leaders. However, since they are deep-rooted and well grounded, Jia people are very straightforward but can be blunt with words and can be hard-headed and stubborn. They tend to place much importance on their careers to the point that they will be willing to stay put in a job that brings prominence and influence even though it may not pay as much as what they deserve.

Yang Wood is strong if born in the Winter and more robust and prosperous if born during the Spring. They will be weak if born in the Summer and Autumn months. Since a tree needs constant triming and pruning, Yang Metal and Yin Fire elements if present in the other stems will be beneficial to the Yang Wood, especially if it is strong in the chart. Moreover, Yang Wood ( Jia) would have a strong compatibility with Yin Earth ( Ji ) since trees will thrive longer if planted on a soft, expansive and fertile earth.

Jia ( trees) ♥ Ji ( soil), Gui ( rain water), Bing Fire

(sunshine) to grow. It ♥ Geng Metal ( tree to be cut into wood) and Ding Fire ( tree to be used as fire) to fulfill its purpose, if these elements are found in the heavenly stem. It will be weak when too much other Jia (big trees) and Ren (ocean) ( may uproot the tree) elements are found in the natal chart.

Famous Jia Wood personalities: Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Ralph Lauren, Bernard Arnault and George Soros


Yin Wood "Yi" (乙)

The Elegant yet Resilient & Crafty Plant.

A yin wood person is very charming and kind. They are graceful and diplomatic and are good harmonizers and problem solvers. Often represented by small flowering plants , crawling, climbing vines and sprawling bushes, Yin wood people are often well-mannered. polite and soft-spoken. They act with refinement and possess a great sense of humor, and can easily calm and permeate any argument with tact and diplomacy. Just like a crawling vine or a sprouting small herb, Yin wood people can also easily adapt to any environment and can overcome any adversity with resilience which is their strongest character. They can be tenacious to skillfully survive (the more we cut or trim a small plant, the more it grows! ) and they can easily compromise to the demands of others to keep the peace or attain what they want. (hence they are the best negotiators, deal makers and networkers)

Yin woods can however be very emotional and prone to anger outbursts. Their objectivity can be easily clouded especially when they feel very strongly about a matter. Moreover, when it comes to decision making, expect the Yin woods to make swift decisions but these may often be only temporary solutions since Yin Woods often tend to question their own decisions and choices as well. One would notice that most people belonging to this Daymaster are often elegant and beautiful!

Yin woods are strong if born during the Winter months. They are more robust and fortunate if born in Spring and will be weak when born in the Summer and Autumn. Small plants need sunlight ( Bing) and rain ( Gui) to survive. They also have a special affinity with metal ( especially Yang metal Geng) to grow ( the more one cuts or trims a plant, the more they grow)

Yi wood ♥ Gui water ( rain) and Ji earth ( soil) to grow, Bing fire for sunshine and Jia trees for shade. It will be weak with too much Xin (scissors or knife) and Ren ( ocean) in the natal chart.

Famous Yin Wood personalities: Oprah Winfrey, John Lennon, Jim Carrey, Bill Clinton, Rupert Murdoch and David Thomson


Yin Earth "Ji (己) Earth"

The Most Lenient and Tolerant

Ji Earth are the most workable, resourceful and nurturing people you will meet. They are very malleable and highly adaptive to any situation and they can blend well easily with others, often sacrificing and transforming themselves to fulfill the other's needs, in order to achieve a common goal. Often represented by soft soil, dust or sand, Ji earth is the element we work with to form pottery. It is the soil we till and cultivate to farm and plant a seed; it is what we fertilize and water to make the plant grow.

People under this element are very patient and compliant, they are willing to take a number of "punishments" to make things grow because growth and development is what fulfills them. They are the people we can run to when no one else would take the burden.

Yin Earth people possess enormous talents hence they need to be used and explored since like the soil they have the resources and the capacity to create, rejuvenate and offer more! On the other hand, Yin earth people are very refined, sophisticated and elegant in their taste and manners and will be happy and more content to live a life of luxury and comfort, so acquisition of wealth to attain a status in life will benefit them in order to fulfill and help others. When it comes to decision making, like a field that has hosted and retained the growth of a number of plants

Yin earth people retains a very good memory, but they can also hold grudges and may find it difficult to forgive a wrong doing. They make decisions based on gut feel and instinct, they are firm and would not think twice, and they do not compromize their integrity when making the judgement call. If a person has a lot of this element, or has a strong Ji earth in his or her chart, that would represent a huge field, and would mean a very enriching life full of great relationships and multiple careers!

Yin Earth are strong if born in the summer months and weak if born in the other seasons. To be useful, Yin Earth ( soil or land) needs Bing ( Sun) and Gui (rain water) to produce Jia ( Yin wood) in their BAZi natal chart. One element that will not be good for Yin Earth is Ren ( ocean water). Yin Earth has unlimited capacity to absorb water; they will tend to be greedy when Ren water is in the Bazi chart. On the other hand, this noteworthy character of the soil to never run out of moisture (even the desert sands will have an oasis underneath) provides their resourcefulness to re-invent and rejuvenate themselves to offer more!

Notable Ji Earth personalities: Barack Obama, Li Ka Shing, Tony Fernandes and Donald Trump


  Yin Metal " Xin "(辛)

The Brilliant, Soft-Hearted Center of Attention.

Like Fine Jewelry that seldom lose their sparkle and brilliance, Xin Metal people are very attractive ( seldom would you see a non-attractive person under this element) both in their physical and mental characterstics. Though not very competitive, they love to be in the limelight and really know how to enjoy the finer things and pleasures in life! They always have that innate desire to look their finest and to look attractive both physically and mentally. They strive to improve themselves to achieve that level of perfection, thereby increasing their worth and value to the people around them. Xin people love to flaunt their talent and beauty ( since they are naturally talented) and they bask at the adulation and attention given to them. If you want to win the good side and friendship of a Xin person, a little sweet talk or flattery will make it! ( Caution: not too much though, since Xins have a brilliant mind...they can easily discern whether they are sincere and genuine or not!)

As the softer side of the metal elements, Xin persons are very soft hearted, sensitive and they are easily hurt with the slightest provocation. When criticized, their reason and logic are often affected by their emotions, they easily lose their confidence (since self image is very important for Xins) and this affects their comfort level in making strong and steady decisions. However, thanks to their strong instinct and gut-feel, their choice are often the best for them! Xin metals are also not very methodical and systematic in their thoughts, they are more fluid and spontaneous so they could be stong presentors and talkers but will not be very good at planning and organizing and at jobs involving technology.

Yin metal is strong if born during the autumn and weak if born during the other months. If weak, it needs other metal elements to balance its strength. Pure Water (Ren and Gui) will make them shine which is what Yin metal needs. Water combined with Earth will be hazardous to metal since it will make them brittle over time and will make them break.

Famous Xin Metal personalities: Stephen Hawkings, David Letterman, Gordon Ramsay, Michael Jordan, Charles Kock, Angelina Jolie, Larry Page, Lady Gaga, Larry Page, Stephen Chow, and Donnie Yen


Yang Fire "Bing" ( (丙) )

Charismatic, Sincere and Routine Driven.

Full of enthusiasm and energy, Yang Fires ( Bing) are the most charismatic, easy-going and generous people; they are trustworthy and very dependable. They are often the backbone or leader of a team or organization and would be seen involved in charitable and volunteering causes. Yang Fires are often overflowing with illuminating ideas and innovations; they are relentless and can overcome anything that comes against their way, sometimes to the point of not knowing when to stop.

However, they are also routine driven ( like the rising and the setting of the sun at the same particular time ever day! ) and oftentimes too conservative and prefer to stay within their own comfort level. With their dedicated and generous nature, Yang Fire people always prefer to look and plan for a bright future; they don't wallow in the past and are always thinking of what is best for everyone, even in the most difficult situation. Just like the sun which does not distinguish and provides light and sunshine to anyone, Yang Fire people are very sincere and tend to see the best in everyone.

Unfortunately due to their easy going character, it is however this selfless approach that could oftentimes be taken advantage of by some people.

Yang Fires if born in the middle of Winter will be less energetic. They have a strong affinity with Metal, especially with Yin Metal ( Xin) since both elements enjoy to be in the limelight! A strong Yang Fire will interact well with a strong Yang Water ( Ren) as manisfested by the powerful reflection and mirroring of the sun's rays over a vast ocean!

Bing Fire ♥ Ren water in heavenly stem but will be weak with Gui water ( clouds) and Wu Earth ; Best hours to be born is at 5am to 5pm ( sunrise and before sunset)

Notable Bing Fire personalities: Steve Jobs, J.K. Rowling, Nelson Mandela, Stefan Persson, Michelle Yeoh and Lim Goh Tong


Yin Fire "Ding" (丁)

The Suave, Discreet and Enigmatic Torch.

Ding Fires ( who are often represented by a candle) are the Yin counterparts of the Yang Fire ( often represented by the sun). They are subtle, poised and often restrained but once you get to know them, you will discover a very congenial, nurturing, patient and intelligent person deep within! They love to spend time expanding their knowledge on intellectual issues, hence they make great educators and coaches. Like a candle in the dark, Ding Fires bring brightness and enlightenment to their surroundings. If ever they had childhood traumas, they tend to suffer the longest. so they best understand and have the affinity for self-sacrifice and will stay with you in your darkest moments! Moreover, among all the other elements, Ding Fires are the most respectful to their parents and their elders! For a Yin Fire, their mother is the most influential person in his or her life!

Known as the Born Leader and the element of transformation (Ding Fire can turn wood into ash, it parches and dehydrates the earth, converts water into steam and it can consume and disintegrate itself) among the 10 elements, Ding Fires set high standards for themselves. They often make swift, dependable decisions, following standard procedures and they do not put much emphasis on unconventional perspectives. However, they tend to over think meticulously, that at times they can be very egoistic and competitive. Like a small candle burning, they can be very volatile and could burst into large flames, burning anything that stands in their path! Moreover, since Yin Fires often set very high standards for themselves, like a candle in the wind, they can be prone to be unstable in their emotions ( happy at one time and sad the next) and "fickle minded" if not well focused. They can be easily discouraged when their goals are not attained the way they want it to be. A strong support and guidance from someone with more experience will easily put them back on the right track!

Ding Fire is strong if born in the spring or summer and weaker if born in the autumn or winter. A strong presence of Yang Wood ( Jia) and Yang Metal ( Geng) will be beneficial for Ding Fire . It needs a supply of wood to start fueling a fire and a small fire is needed to hone and temper metal especially (Geng )( such as in forging a sword) and in molding soft metal as in jewelry making ( with Xin) )

Ding Fire ♥ Jia Wood ( fire wood) and Geng metal in their heavenly stem. They will be weak with Gui water and Bing Fire. Best hours to be born are between 5pm to 5 am when they can shine more

Famous Ding Fire personalities: Walt Disney, Tony Robbins, Lee Chong Wei, Ma Huateng and Philip Knight


Yang Earth "Wu Earth" (戊)

The Steadfast Keeper of Secrets.

Often represented by a great mountain or a massive boulder of rock, Yang earth contains all the other elements hence it is the protector of all elements! A huge mountain is where fertile soil, wild, green grass and plants can grow, and where water( streams, brooks, waterfall) can flow. It is steady and immovable ( a mountain is always there, it does not go anywhere!) that is why sometimes Wu people are perceived as slow in their action and can be lazy, but do not underestimate this element because it is where rich earth minerals like crystals and gold are formed overtime, and where wild animals ( like tigers, lion and bears ) may be hiding!

Mountains are not easy to move, ( unless there is an external force that will make them move such as a huge catastrophe or they are purged and bulldozed to pave for a road construction!) hence their main strength are their stability and support. However, since they are also hard to move,

Wu people tend to be too complacent and are prone to procrastination. Family, siblings and loved ones ( especially a significant other or love relationship) are extremely important for the people under this element; they are often the foundation of the communities, organizations, workplaces and families where they belong!

We go and treck a mountain to experience its majestic heights and marvel at its richness but a mountain will never go to us! People go to a mountain but a mountain will never go to the people. In this same manner, Wu people are the most trustworthy people there is, they are often our confidant and will always be there to listen and provide us the solid support and the strong shoulder to cry on. They give advise with integrity but seldom would they confide to anyone. They feel uneasy to rely on others. They are confident in themselves and are often self sufficient.

Yang Earth seldom needs anybody to develop their talents since like a mountain, everything they need are already there within! Moreover, Yang Earth people have preferences that are often flawless ; they have a strong personal moral code so they are inclined to make highly principled choices and decisions in life. One noteworthy quality of Yang Earth people is that they are very affable and friendly; they will always be the first one to say hello and introduce themselves!

Yang Earth is strong if born in the Summer season and weaker if born in the other seasons. A strong Fire element

(Bing) is needed in the other stems if Yang Earth is weak.

Wu Earth ♥ Bing ( sun) and Jia (trees). It will be weak with Geng and Xin ( metal or mineral exposed) if found in the heavenly stem.

Famous Wu Earth personalities: Hilary Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg, Carl Icahn, Michael Dell, Will Smith and Lebron James


Yang Metal "Geng Metal" (庚)

One Who has Extreme Ability to take Hardships

It is said that hard metal should first be forged and tempered by fire in order to attain its full usefulness, so is the same with people under this element. Yang metal or Geng people are the most enduring by nature. Often accompanied with a hard tough life that requires the "baptism of fire" to attain their highest potential, they have a great capacity to be developed into a powerful warrior's weapons such as a mighty sword or a heavy axe, or into a smouldering cauldron with a fire that never dies. ( for the element Geng also represents the two of the chief " Kui Kang" 魁罡” (ash cauldron) pillars: Geng Chen (庚辰) and Geng Xu (庚戌))

Yang metal people will often pursue and achieve their goals; they will sharply cut through anything to get what they want since they love to win! Although they tend to complain a lot, they can bear all the hardships and difficuties and successfully survive! They will be great in taking charge during times of confusion and chaos. Gengs tend to be more productive under pressure and they thrive for a good challenge. This serves as the most important factor for their development, so it will be beneficial for young people belonging to this sign to be exposed early and undergo tough training at a young age, such as military school, a highly competitve academic program, or a demanding sports training. Geng people could also be the most loyal of the 10 Element signs; they will always champion for what is right and are ready to always help their friends, but due to their inflexible nature, they often make swift but impulsive and immature decisions.

Yang metal is strong if born in the Autumn months and weaker if born during the other seasons. When Yang Metal is strong in the chart, it needs Yin Fire (Ding) to forge it for the hard metal to be useful. It will also be strong if Yang Wood (Jia) is present in the chart since "an axe needs to chop wood to be funtional!" Both elements renders Geng to have a clear direction in life.

If Yang metal is weak, it needs other metals to balance it's strength. Geng's swiftness will be weakened if Yi Wood (plant) and Wu Earth ( Mountain) are present in the natal chart. The indecisiveness of Yi and the slowness of the Mountain will affect the speed and decisiveness of Geng.

Famous Geng Metal personalities: Arnold Schwarznegger, Muhamad Ali, Shah Rukh Khan


Yang Water "Ren" (壬)

The Fast, the Wise and Unpredictable.

In Feng Shui, it is known that a body of water ( as in a pond, an ocean, and even a house swimming pool) is a collector of qi or energy. Ren Water which is often represented by a gushing ocean, or rushing river, is a collector of intelligence and knowledge! It is a massive source of unexplored paths and resources. Though calm and serene at times, it always runs deep, and may hold a plethera of volcanic energies! The people under this element are exceptionally wise; they have great brain power and love to be always on the go; they have the capacity to execute tasks and solutions in a fast and methodical manner.

They are often the trend setters, pioneers, great entrepreneurs and the game changers!. Although Ren is strong, fluid and difficult to restrain (since water normally does not follow any form), they easily adapt and change route to get what they want, always in a diplomatic manner. They are also hard to predict and can be temperamental since they get easily bored and tend to possess ever changing ideas, passions and interests. However, because of their immense intelligence, Ren people keep their boundaries and conduct in proper order. They are also very meticulous when money is concerned and often stick to a budget in the most expensive project underway!

Ren people are deeply emotional but they are good at masking and restraining their emotions. A weaker Ren water person may however have trouble in attaining balance between their emotions and logic. They are deeply analytical and logical, and are not content to just sit at the sidelines, they are the first ones to understand the big picture and actively get involve in the process. They love their freedom and are the great adventurers, always actively questing for new knowledge and seeking new experiences. They will be greatly distraught if this freedom is taken away from them. Moreover, Ren people love to take the initiative and always aim to be in the upper, top level positions, but they need the constant support and approval of the people around them to be more confident.

Ren water is more robust and powerful when born in the winter. They are strong when born in the autumn season and weak when born in the summer and spring. Yang metal ( Geng) will make Ren water strong while Earth element specifically Yang earth ( Wu) will hold Ren water in its place to prevent it from causing flooding.

Notable Ren Water personalities: Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jack Ma, Liliane Bettencourt, Emmanuel Macron and Sheldon Adelson


Yin Water "Gui " (癸)

The Sensitive, Unpredictable but Nurturing Rain

Often unpredictable like an unexpected rain in the weather, Yin water is best represented by a soft pour of rain, a fine drizzle, a gentle mist in the cloud and a silent, flowing creek. People with this master element are creative and very imaginative, oftentimes unstructured and free flowing in their thoughts, which makes them often whimsical and capricious in their decisions. They are idealistic but will live on their own terms and would do what they want when they feel like it! When more focused, they can be detail oriented and love to train the mind with stimulative and academic learning; they get easily excited about a new trend or concept. Gui are very visionary when they have the discipline., they can be very passionate about community, environmental and social services. They can relentlessly fight for a cause they believe in unless their mind is beset by fickle-mindedness They can also be very perceptive about the events, people and things around them but are unable to easily deal with conflict when they are faced by one; they cannot be bothered with the technical and laborious processes involved in an issue. Gui people find it difficult to handle stress. Easily agitated and anxious, they can be temperamental and tend to turn to anger swiftly when they are confronted by the slightest stress.

Gui are very result- oriented. They move fast when their interest is caught in a project or a task. However once their interest wanes, they can easily shelve or cast away a project, leaving this for his or her family or co-workers to handle and piece the task back together for completion, which often causes frustration. Moreover, Gui people enjoy to direct and tell people around them to do things the way they want things done. A person with a chart carrying a strong Gui element usually makes this demand to get things done, but someone with a weak Gui water element tend to do this to manipulate and use people for their own benefit.

They are very versatile, full of ideas that are inspiring but fails to be good leaders due to their lack of focus. One beneficial trait of Gui is that they are very innovative and can come up with unconventional "out of the box" solutions to a problem. Moreover, they know the value of money and are savy in manipulating it in a manner that will best serve their purpose with the best return!

Yin water is strong when born in the autumn. They are prosperous if born in the Winter but are weak when born in the summer and spring seasons, Metal elements, especially Yin metal ( Xin) makes them stronger, while Earth element, especially Yin earth ( Ji) will make rain water muddy.

Famous Gui Water personalities: Martha Stewart, Ellen DeGeneres, Stephen King, Jimmy Fallon; Jackie Chan, Larry Ellison and Manny Pacquiao


For final thoughts, I want to emphasize again that our Day Master is only one component in our BAZI destiny analysis. Though the most basic aspect to start with, it is only one of the Heavenly Stems... the characters, talents, strengths and weaknesses handed down to us at the time of our birth. There are still other components that has to be considered, to determine whether our Day Master is strong or not, such as the elements governing our heavenly and earthly stems at the year, month and hour of our birth. Most importantly, there is our freewill and choices as Man in determining our decisions, our actions to take, our choice of people to be with and of the environment that we will choose to live in throughout our life!

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References: Joey Yap Academy, Kevin Chan, JY Fuk Sook Fun, Talent Hero