Our BAZI Stems and Earthly Branches, and Their Symbolic Stars Combinations

Have you ever met people who seem to never become exhausted of ideas, who constantly can re-invent themselves and turn unfortunate circumstances to their advantage and never run out of luck?

They have a lot of options available to them and even if they are almost at the brink of failure or loss, there will be fortunate events or helpful people who will suddenly appear to assist them.

Those people who have this almost never-ending luck has the Prosperity star and or Prospect Stars (十干禄) in their Bazi chart.

In our Bazi chart, our Heavenly and Hidden Stems, and or our Earthly Branches {or Chinese zodiac signs} at our Day Pillar, have their corresponding other earthly branches which when present in the remaining three pillars, may either bring us prosperity or misfortune.

~Prospects stars in the Bazi chart above are:

   Main Day Stem: Ji~Horse / Hidden Stems: Ji- Horse, Ding~ Horse; Yi~ Rabbit

~ Prosperity star: Wei~ Dragon.

~Misfortune Star: Wei~ Dog.

~ Solitary Star: Year of the Dog ~ Pig


                                                                           ~ * ~

                                                    PROSPECTS STAR

Below is a table that shows the Heavenly and Hidden Stems at the Day Pillar and their corresponding Prospects Star(s) . People who have these stars in their chart are very competitive, strong willed and have the insatiable perseverance to succeed.

Heavenly stem and

Hidden stems (Day Pillar)-----------Prospects Star and its Sector 


甲 (Jia) Yang Wood---------------------------寅 Tiger (Yin) ( NE3)

乙 (Yi) Yin Wood -----------------------------卯 Rabbit ( Mao) ( E2)

丙 (Bing) Yang Fire ---------------------------巳 Snake ( Si) (SE3)

丁 (Ding) Yin Fire  ----------------------------午 Horse ( Wu) ( S2)

戊 (Wu) Yang Earth -------------------------- 巳 Snake ( Si) (SE3)

己 (Ji) Yin Earth ------------------------------ 午 Horse ( Wu) ( S2)
庚 (Geng) Yang Metal ------------------------申 Monkey ( Shen) ( SW3)
辛 (Xin) Yin Metal -----------------------------酉 Rooster ( You) (W2)
壬 (Ren) Yang Water -------------------------亥 Pig ( Hai) ( NW 3)

癸 (Gui) Yin Water ----------------------------子 Rat ( Zi) ( N2)

The Prospects star is also correlated with the Guardian Deity in the 10 gods or guardians of Bazi

Although the probability is low for this star to appear in the other 3 main pillars of the chart, when the Prospects star appears in any of the main pillars and or in the 10 year life pillars, it brings the most favorable life situations especially for someone who has a weak Daymaster element.

One will experience persistent success as long as he or she is strongly determined to achieve his or her goal. There would always be friends, colleagues or family and even unknown noblemen who will provide strong support or assistance.

When the Prospects stars however encounters a direct clash with another stem or branch in the chart pillars or in the 10 year life pillars, it's energy will be unreachable, much like being able to smell the aroma of a good food but unable to taste and savor it!

On the other hand, when the Prospect Star appears multiple times in the 10 year luck pillars or in the three other main pillars, ( we can have as much as 4 prospect stars) it will show a person who will stop at nothing to create opportunities for himself, be it through an illegal, corrupt, unscrupulous or unethetical manner.

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                                               PROSPERITY STAR

Our Earthly Branches at the Day Pillar is the source to look into to determine our Prosperity Star. Below is a table of of our Earthly Branches at the Day pillar and their corresponding Prosperity and Misfortune stars which may appear at our year, month, hour or 10 years luck pillars:

The effects of these other two opposing earthly branches on the Daymaster are nullified when both are present in the chart. Moreover, these earthly branches and their corresponding elements may also appear in our ten year luck pillars. It is therefore beneficial to be aware when these earthly " allies" or "challengers" would appear in the luck pillars to help us plan ahead.

When the the Prosperity Star is present in the other three pillars ( year/ month or hour), it brings good luck with ease of success and swift achievement of our goals and plans. However, if the animal clashes with the other animals in our chart, or if it clashes with the animal that governs our current luck pillar, then again, the effects will be invalidated and we will not feel the beneficial results of this star.

Animal Clashes:

Rat ~ Horse

Ox ~ Goat
Tiger ~ Monkey
Rooster ~ Rabbit
Dragon ~ Dog
Snake ~ Pig

                                                                 ~ * ~

                                   MISFORTUNE STAR

The presence of this Earthly Branch in the chart will make it difficult for the Daymaster to achieve its goals. Even if our Daymaster animal sign is strong, there will still be a lot of criticism and gossiping behind our back that may even be from people who are close to us and whom we unfortunately trust. There may be scandals and lawsuits so we should always watch out and be careful with our business deals and always avoid mingling with the wrong company of people.


To enhance the Prospects and Prosperity Stars:

1) Always keep the sector of the BAGUA where your prospects and or prosperity animal sign(s) reside. You can add the element of the animal sign (s) at the corresponding sector where it resides at a favorable date, as long as the element is in the productive cycle and does not clash with the natal element of the sector.

2) If the Prospects and or Prosperity Star(s) are lacking or missing in our chart , to add its energy in our life, we can expose ourselves to the required element by the following actions:

(a) by engaging in a job or career related to the missing element of the Prospects and Prosperity stars.

(b) by incorporating an exercise regimen like qigong movements that can enhance the element(s) of the prospects or prosperity stars needed.

(c) in TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine) it is advised to incorporate certain food items in the diet that enhances the missing element to provide balance.

(d) and lastly which is the most effective is by finding a mate who has the sign of the prospects or prosperity animal(s) in his or her chart, and the more compelling is if it is also in his or her daymaster pillar.

                                                                                                                    Figure by Travel China Guide

3) If the Misfortune Star is present in our other 3 pillars, we can remedy this by adding the required element that can provide balance to the sector of our home or office where the misfortune animal star resides

4) Lastly , remember that our prospects and or prosperity star(s) can appear at the 10 year Luck Pillars therefore it is good to know this so we can plan ahead. Watch for the animal sign or earthly branch, or the element they represent.


                                                         ~ * ~

                                                SOLITARY STAR

       Zodiac (Year Pillar). ------Solitary Star

          Pig, Rat, Ox ------------------------Tiger
          Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon------------- Snake
           Snake, Horse, Goat --------------Monkey
          Monkey, Rooster, Dog ------------ Pig

The Solitary star (孤辰 or gu cheng) is a disadvantageous star to have in the chart. Someone who has this star appearing in any of his or her main pillars may be a loner or introverted and will prefer to be always alone.

The star can be derived by looking into the Earthly branch, this time at the YEAR PILLAR which represents our parents and grandparents palace; hence when this star is immensely in a conflict or a clash, it may mean misfortune to the family member, particularly the parents.

Feng Shui is often used to minimize or mitigate the effects of this star when it is in the chart.


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Sources: WOFS, Feng Shui Insights; Travel Guide China