Our Wealth Potentials in our BAZI chart

The person's potential, capacity to attain Wealth and the ability to maintain it, is often the number one question we have when we read the person's Bazi chart. Here are some methods to determine your wealth potential through Bazi

In the sample chart above, the Daymaster is Ding Fire. In the Cycle of Elements, Fire Conquers Metal, therefore, Metal is the wealth element in this chart.

It will be favorable if the wealth element is also present in the Bazi chart. The most favorable position for the wealth element to appear in the chart is at the month and/or hour stem, since these two positions are right beside the daymaster

( which represents the self or the individual ).

Here are some basic concepts to help us determine the potential and quality of wealth in the chart: 

a) If the wealth element appears in the Month stem, it would be slightly stronger than when it appears in the hour stem since the month pillar is connected with our work and career while the hour pillar is associated more with our attitude and mentality. The Month pillar  is also a base  to analyze the strength of the elements in the chart, so if the wealth element appears here, the capacity for wealth will be strong.  

b) When the wealth element appears in the Year Pillar, it may mean that the person's money or the bulk of his wealth came from inheritance. It can also denote that the person must overcome some obstacles to achieve it. 

c) If the wealth element appears at the Day pillar, then it can mean that the person can acquire wealth through marriage. 

d) If the wealth element is not present in the main heavenly and earth pillars, then it may be hidden in the earthly stems or branches (rooting).This may mean that the route to full wealth potential would be through connection with a third party.

e) It is also fortunate if the wealth element is a 'useful god' to the daymaster


4) Yin or Yang Day Master

It will also be beneficial to identify whether the element of our Day Master is of Yin or Yang character to determine where our wealth can be derived.

From the above sample chart with Ding Fire which is of Yin character, Yin Metal would then stand for Indirect Wealth ( IW) and Yang Metal will be Direct Wealth (DW) 

Direct wealth is money or compensation earned through our jobs, career, and generally our salaries from being employed by others. Indirect wealth comes from  one's entrepreneurship, one's own businesses, investments and from passive incomes, windfall winnings ( i.e lottery)

5) Combinations ~ Oftentimes the wealth element may not be detectable in a Bazi chart; it may however be evident in the form of combinations.

The 6 Earthly Branches Combinations:

~The 6 Earthly combination can only happen when the 2 combining branches are side-by-side to each other as below: 

Hour branch and  Day branch
Day branch and Month branch
Month branch and  Year branch

~ The combination is always between one yang and one yin earthly branch as follows: 

Rat (yang water) + Ox (yin earth) produces Earth

Tiger (yang wood) + Pig (yin water)  = Wood

Rabbit (yin wood) + Dog (yang metal) = Fire

Dragon (yang earth) + Rooster (yin metal) = Metal

Snake (yin fire) + Monkey (yang metal) = Water

Horse (yang Fire) + Goat (yin earth)  =  Fire

The 5 Heavenly Stems Combinations

One factor to consider for the combination to occur is that both stems must again be side-by-side of each other in the Bazi chart without another stem in between them as follows:

Hour and Day Stems

Day and Month stem

Month and Year stem

When the stems are are not side by side in the chart,  combinations can still occur when the combining stem arrives through the luck or annual pillars.

Jia (yang wood) + Ji ( yin earth) produces Earth

Yi ( yin wood) + Geng ( yang metal) = Metal

Bing (yang fire) + Xin ( yin metal) = Water

Ding ( yin fire) + Ren ( yang water) = Wood

Wu (yang earth) + Gui ( yin water) = Fire

To illustrate this in another sample chart, a person of Wu Yang earth Day master would have water as the wealth element. Even if water is not present among his or her 8 characters in the chart, the presence of Bing yang fire and Xin yin metal can produce a combination that creates water.  This indicates a great potential for wealth, but one must be aware where the potential is "lurking", plus he or she must have the 'quickness' of mind and the will power to quickly tap into this often fast and fleeting money luck, 

6) What happens if there are no Wealth elements in the Chart? 

If there are no luck elements in the chart, having the element that your Day master produces can lead to another potential stroke of wealth luck!

This is because the  element that your self element produces , in turn produces your wealth element!

An example again is for a person who has Wu Earth as the Day master, Metal would be the element it produces.

In turn, Metal produces Water. When that person has a strong presence of metal  in his or her bazi chart but without the 'water' wealth element, it is like "water that is ready to blast!" Once the wealth element enters the chart either through the luck or annual pillars, there may be an unexpected explosion of wealth luck for this person at this said period. 

When this happens, the individual should be quick in finding the potential wealth opportunities and take advantage to maximize his takings as the good luck may only be temporary!

Lastly, it is important to know that the potential for wealth is not the same as with the ability to maintain and propagate wealth... the strength and the weakness of the whole chart should be analyzed for us to make our own action plans. 



"The useful god can be found among the favorable gods. The difference is that the useful god must be found in the chart itself, including the hidden stems, though not in the annual or luck pillars."

~Searching For The gods by Vin Leo; Joey Yap Academy Free Resources

First we have to determine if our DAYMASTER is WEAK or STRONG  before we can pre-dispose our favorable elements and whether they are useful or not to the Daymaster.

The Strength of the Daymaster is determined by the Season of Birth and through the Rooting. "This does not however determine the strength of the whole chart."


Once you have identified your season of birth, then you will be able to identify your favorable and unfavorable elements.

So with the sample Bazi chart above, let us analyze the element of the Daymaster:

~The Daymaster is Yin Fire, born in the Spring month of the Tiger ( yang wood) which makes it strong ( wood supports and nourishes fire)

~ The element Fire is strong in the spring or summer and weaker in the autumn or winter.

~ In the cycle of elements, Fire is supported by Wood and Fire  controls Metal; therefore,  the  presence of Yang Wood (Jia) and Yang Metal (Geng) will be beneficial for Ding Fire. 

{ It needs a supply of wood to start fueling a fire and a small fire is needed to hone and temper metal especially (Geng ~such as in forging a sword) and in molding soft metal as in jewelry-making ( with Xin) }

1) How to Determine the Favorable and Unfavorable Elements

Strong or Weak Day Master

If you are a Strong Day Master, you favor wealth, influence, and output elements, but not resource and companion.

{ As in the sample chart above: wealth element is metal, influence element is water and output element is earth

Fire : Day Master
Earth : Output
Metal : Wealth
Water : Influence / Authority
Wood : Resource / Support

If you are a Weak Day Master, then you favor resource and companion elements, but not wealth, influence, and output elements.

Here is a very good video/link from Feng Shui Master Janet Yung on how to determine the strength of your Bazi chart and your favorable and unfavorable elements. 


2) Hidden Stems and Rooting

If your daymaster is not born in season but is rooted, then you are considered a Moderately Strong Daymaster and you share the same favorable and unfavorable elements with a strong Daymaster.

3) If Wealth is not one of your Favorable elements.. No worries!

If the wealth element is not favorable to a person's Day master, it means that one will still generate wealth but the person must exert more effort than compared to someone who has wealth as a favorable element in his or her chart.  

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Sources: Feng Shui Insights;  Lifeglance; Joey Yap Academy and  Janet Yung